Viral: COVID - 19


Viral: COVID - 19

Viral is a Podcast series following the spread of COVID - 19,  as it continues to affect Ireland and the International World in a growing capacity.  It delves into how a global story on this level, can be fuelled by internet speculation and Viral phenomena, and what effect that has on the factual reporting of the virus? 

Presented by Ian Doyle, each episode will open with a live update from Ireland’s Department of Health speaking to some of the countries leading journalists about the breaking Coronavirus news at home and abroad.

Each episode will also feature a special report on topics such as How Businesses Are Futureproofing Themselves For COVID - 19 and Coronaviruses Impact On Racism In Ireland. Some of the countries most prolific Scientists, Virologists and Health-Care professionals will also be joining the conversation,  as they go deep on the science behind the COVID-19 and how we can best protect ourselves from its proliferation. 

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Produced by UrbanMedia

Hosted by Ian Doyle


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