Filter Stories - Coffee Documentaries

James Harper

Filter Stories - Coffee Documentaries

James Harper

How does your choice of coffee affect civil wars, illegal immigration and climate change?

Filter Stories is a documentary podcast connecting your morning coffee to millions of hidden people.

"An entertaining and thought-provoking way to address how coffee consumption affects the wider world" - Caffeine Magazine

"Quality production and compassionate, well-researched presentation" - Daily Coffee News

"These are untold stories, the sort you won’t find in glossy Instagram posts" - European Coffee Trip

James Harper is a coffee professional and storyteller who travels the world to reveal the truth behind our morning coffees.

Each episode takes over 100 hours to make and sheds a light on the stories of people hidden in the shadows of the coffee industry.

Stories range from a stateless barista stuck on a faraway island, to an award winning coffee grower earning just $2 profit from 250 espressos, to a coffee producer who is almost murdered three times during a civil war.

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